Fueling the future

with green technology

Biotech helps you and your business nurture the nature, so we all can have a better future.

Our future lies in green energy. Fossil-fuels are non-renewable and finite, and the world needs a sustainable solution that will be able to fuel our lives for generations to come. That’s why at Biotech, we have taken the lead in providing a new source of renewable energy for you and your businesses.


Biotech is dedicated in recovering the value of things that others might consider to be waste. We collect used cooking oil and transform it into an environmentally friendly biodiesel and biofuel, which are used to power for your Diesel generator and vehicle engines.


When you choose Biotech, you reduce your business’ impact on the environment and help create a better future for our planet.




Biotech B100 biodiesel is a low-carbon alternative to petroleum diesel, made from processed UCO waste. This green fuel can be used in all diesel engines - such as diesel cars, generators, boilers and heaters.



Biofast is a bio-octane booster for gasoline-fueled engines, made from processed fatty acid methylester (FAME). It’s especially formulated to improve your engines’ performance in mind.


Orli Ferrari

Corporate PR & Marketing Communications Executive of Tjendana Resort Management

“Tjendana Resort Management TRM by Cendana Corporation really cares about the environment. This is in keeping with the global demands for companies to be more eco-sustainable, as well as our government’s policy. For us, it is important to be environmentally friendly, even when it comes to running our engines. This is exactly why we chose Biotech to fuel all the generators in our villas.”


Partner with us

We work closely with local restaurants, hotels, and home industries in Bali and beyond to recycle waste from used cooking oil into green-fuel to power your engines.


By partnering with Biotech, you can help your business grow sustainably and become part of the movement to build a better future for our planet.

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