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Biotech B100 biodiesel is a low-carbon alternative to petroleum diesel, made from processed UCO waste. This green fuel can be used in all diesel engines - such as diesel cars, generators, boilers and heaters. It has a better lubricity and a higher cetane rating compared to conventional diesel, and it has been proven to significantly extend engine life.



  • Methyl Esters contents 99.86 %

  • Cetane number 52,90

  • Flash point 164 (degree) C

  • Basic sediment & water 0 % volume

  • Sulfur <1 from maximal 50 mg/kg

  • Acid number 0,41 from max 0,50

  • Cloud point 18 (degree) celcious

  • Kinematic viscosity 5.00 mm (kuadrat)/s

Data Hasil Uji LAB LEMIGAS


Berikut ini merupakan berkas data dari hasil uji kelayakan laboratorium LEMIGAS untuk produk Bio Tech B100.

Why should you switch to Biotech B100?

Easy to use.

Biotech B100 can be used directly or as a mixture for your diesel engines. No engine modification is required to use Biotech B100. It is also one of the safest fuels to use, handle, and store because it does not produce combustible vapors.

Better for your engine.

Conventional diesel leaves deposits inside fuel lines, injectors, and pipes over a period of time. Biotech B100 acts as a solvent and dissolves this sediment while adding no deposits of its own. It reduces wear and tear on your engine, decreases engine maintenance costs, and extends engine life.

Green power.

Biotech B100 produces nearly identical amount of energy when compared to conventional diesel (128.000 BTU vs 130.000 BTU). This means that your engines will get similar torque and horsepower performance, but from a much cleaner, greener source.

Clean energy.

Biotech B100 reduces lifecycle carbon emissions by over 80% compared to conventional diesel. This biodiesel also produces no soot, unlike petro-diesel. Its emission is non-toxic and 100% biodegradable.

Affordable alternative.

Compared to petro-diesel, Biotech B100 is more cost-efficient. When mixed into petro-diesel, Biotech B100 increases combustion efficiency to 20%. Thus reducing the overall cost.

Be a part of the green revolution!

By using Biotech B100, your company is making a meaningful investment in sustainability and green technology. Showcasing your company’s commitment for the environment in your brand activities is a great way to position yourself as a green company.

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