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Biotech GoFast is a bio-octane booster for gasoline-fueled engines, made from processed fatty acid methylester (FAME). This additive is designed to improve your engine performance by raising its octane rate and making the internal combustion process flow smoothly.

Benefits & Advantages
  • Reducing the use of gasoline up to 30%​

  • Improve engine performance and prevent overheated at peak engine's performance.

  • Boosting octane rate & making the internal combustion process flow smoothly



  • Ester alkil

  • Atshiri oil

  • Ethanol

  • Cinamomum champora

  • Others s.d 100%

Data Hasil Uji LAB LEMIGAS


Berikut ini merupakan berkas data dari hasil uji kelayakan laboratorium LEMIGAS untuk produk Bio Tech GoFast.

How To Use

Use regularly. Pour the booster into the fuel tank. Every 5ml treat 1 liter gasoline. The booster goes into the tank before you add the fuel, to ensure the booster will get mixed into the fuel properly.

Why you should choose Biotech Gofast for your engines:

Reliable accelerator.

Biotech Gofast is a reliable accelerator for your engines. It increases the octane rate of normal gasoline and optimises the overall performance of your engines.

Improves engine longevity.

Biotech Gofast provides lubricity for different parts of your engines. This enables your engines to work harder and longer without the carbon build-up. It also helps in extending your engines’ service life.

System efficiency.

Biotech Gofast is especially formulated to improve your engines’ efficiency in mind. It keeps your engine emissions to a minimum, reduces (black) smoke and other hazardous exhaust gases from your engines. It also reduces carbon residue and buildup, as well as eliminating lead and sulfur-containing compounds.

Smart and convenient.

Engines that use Biotech Gofast consumes less fuel, and thus, it’s a more economic solution for businesses whose operations rely heavily on gasoline consumptions. The additive also helps reduce engine knocking and pinging, allowing you to have a better running engine with less noise and fewer emissions.

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