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Biotech runs Bali’s first and only commercial-scale processing site, solely dedicated to producing biodiesel and biofuel from UCO waste. Located in the island’s capital, Denpasar, the plant features cutting edge technology and produces high-quality products that meet with ASTM D6751-08


We are using FuelMatic GSX from the UK which consists of:


This is where the transesterification between UCO, methanol, and potassium methylate takes place.


Biodiesel (B100) gets separated from its byproduct, Glycerol, through this separator.


This machine contains pure ion exchange resin which cleans Raw Biodiesel (B100) from any remaining trace of Glycerol.


Methanol remover is used to remove any trace of methanol from processed Biodiesel (B100).

This state-of-the-art technology is owned by the city government of Denpasar which mandated the plant’s operation to Biotech in 2013. All of Biotech’s green innovation has been fully supported by the city government of Denpasar, and its environmental agency.

In keeping with the high demands of Biotech B100 in Bali, Biotech teams up with CV Artha Metro Oil, a biodiesel processing company with more than 8 years of experience in providing bio-fuel for industrial engines in Indonesia. This partnership ensures a seamless supply of biodiesel in Bali

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PT Bali Hijau Biodiesel

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